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ProCal provides expertise in electrical construction and project management that ensures optimum project performance and constructability. Expertly trained and certified Supervisors and trade professionals deliver the exceptional performance desired on the largest construction projects.

Our Capabilities

  • Solar Installation, Panel Fabrication, Predictive Maintenance, Customized Preventive Maintenance Programs, Commercial Electrical Design Services, Roadway Lighting, Traffic Signal & Intelligent Transportation Systems, Design-Build, Life Safety Systems, High- & Low-Voltage Services, Industrial Electrical Services, Voice & Data Communications Systems, Emergency Power/Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)/Generators.

Design, Build & Controls

ProCal is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) located in Vista, California.

We offer detailed, convenient and personalized design aimed at conserving energy and reducing operational costs. Years of experience with LED lighting, occupancy sensors and lighting control installations throughout the country have enabled ProCal to provide a level of expertise in design and installation with the full confidence of Title 24 compliance. At ProCal, we understand that not all lighting and lighting controls are created equal; therefore our designs consider many types of lighting and controls, as we carefully determine the best solution for Title 24 compliance.

Many other lighting contracting companies are located outside California and do not understand nor offer the experience of working on Title 24 projects. Because ProCal is focused on performing work in California, we ensure your project is compliant to all state and local mandated requirements. We are also very familiar with the incentive programs of all the major utility companies in California making sure our customers receive the full benefit of these programs through a detailed and uniquely tailored lighting design thus maximizing our customer’s investment.

Our staff has been expertly trained in both sensor and lighting energy measures; we have dedicated crews for each project dependent on the design to ensure the best service. We pride ourselves on being a full turnkey lighting and controls contractor.

The ProCal staff is comprised of industry leaders with years of combined experience and qualifications. We believe the best way to get it done right is to do it yourself, which is why we use our own expertly trained employees to manage and build the project. In addition to their technical expertise, ProCal personnel meet the strictest government and military security clearances from facilities that range from middle schools to multi-million square foot federal military bases.

ProCal is dedicated to delivering the highest quality installation and project management to our clients. The cornerstone of our success in large scale implementation of lighting and lighting control systems resides with our team of skilled professionals. When it comes time to install the lighting project our staff of trained electricians and project managers provide prompt, efficient attention to our customers. After the project is completed, our certified Acceptance Technicians ensure the installation is performing as designed and adheres to Title 24 requirements.

Energy Solutions

ProCal is the preferred electrical contractor for the nation’s largest Energy Service Companies (ESCO’s). We deliver energy audits that are comprehensive and thorough with a design proposal and engineers estimate.

We have the experience needed for performing in large school and government projects that demand the strictest project management and security.

ProCal is a certified Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Installer and has experience with large scale project installations for government agencies and utilities.

Due to our experience in energy projects, ProCal offers assistance with available utility incentives and programs to maximize the return on investment.

Title 24 Acceptance

As a certified Acceptance Test Contractor with certified Acceptance Test Technicians on staff, we are able to deliver design and compliance that minimizes delays and risk of non-conformance.

As a design company, ProCal is able to sit at the table with the design/architect professional and develop a Title 24 compliant design from the onset of project conception.

As an Electrical Contractor, ProCal manages the lighting and controls design through our own expertly trained crews who build the electrical system efficiently and accurately to the Title 24 specifications ensuring compliance early on in the project.

Lighting Electrical Maintenance

ProCal believes that lighting and electrical maintenance is more than replacing a burned-out bulb. Our maintenance services team takes a complete look at your needs, including materials and labor. As a result, we can save you money by minimizing return trips as well as getting (and keeping) your facilities up and running efficiently.

Exceptional Service

As a maintenance client, you are assigned an account manager who understands your organization, knows the needs of your facility and is ready to find and provide the right solutions for you. To us, exceptional service is more than an idea—it’s a daily practice and our commitment to you.

Responsive Communication

Our goal is to take the mystery out of lighting and electrical maintenance. We are committed to keeping you informed and updating you on our progress. We provide fast responses, clear communication, and tailored services for your business.

Consistent Results

A regular lighting maintenance program helps you reap the benefit of consistent lighting in your facilities and take advantage of standardized national pricing. A well-designed lighting maintenance program helps you operate with success and maintain budgetary consistency.

Our Services

Government Contracting

Government Contracting

We are an 8(a) Certified business.

Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

Conversation projects, service and maintenance.

Dynamic Lighting

Dynamic Lighting

Architectural, structural, and entertainment.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Lighting technology infrastructures.

Connected Lighting

Connected Lighting

Interconnectivity, LiFi and 5G.

Electrical Contracting

Electrical Contracting

Large industrial and commercial applications.

Pro-Cal now specializes in smart city interconnectivity and 5G technology. Find out if we can facilitate all your smart lighting project needs.